Hi, My name is Sarah Rose, I am a Certified Personal Training Specialist, Health Coach, and Thai Manual Therapist. I have been helping Women since 2016 feel more confident , healthier and stronger through basic training programs and simple nutrition changes that are easy to implement and centered around the results they want to achieve.

Together we work on building healthy habits week by week and adjusting our plan when important events come up like special occasions and vacations.

It's important to build a lifestyle that is sustainable long term for the best results that last. Make it a lifestyle you'll never have to worry about quitting, and your results will come a lot easier.

Love yourself, love the journey and your body will love you back :)

In our Modern Busy Lives, It's important to make sure we take time out and incorporate healthy routines so we can live a longer, more quality life. But it's not always easy to put these things into our busy day, or stay accountable.

We can't always make it to scheduled Sessions or Coaching Appointments either, but we still want to be able to access help when we need it.

My programs make it easier to stay on track, stay committed and consistent on your own time, so you can still get great results, and you don't lose track of what you need to complete each week to make this all happen in a timely manner.


In My Home Training Studio and Online we focus on Eating To Fuel and Eating to Recover and to balance out good effective Strength Training with Rest and Leisure. Over training and under fueling can leave you at risk for low energy deficit which can cause your metabolism to slow down cause fat storage instead of fat burn. This seems to be the most common problem we come across with past fad programs pushing extreme training programs and restrictive diets. I am passionate about sharing a healthier way to reach your ideal and healthiest self that will yield long term results, instead of focusing on the fast fix, and short term results. These are never sustainable and are quite dangerous to your health. We coach these healthier principals in my SHAPE SHIFT PROGRAM ( *** New Release in September 2022) which is available In Studio and Online. It's an 8-16 week Body Composition shifting program that helps to repair the metabolism and shifts the body into fat burn and out of fat storage. It's not just about the workouts, its also about your Mindset, Time Management, Stress Management and Nutrition. This Full Coaching Program will change the way you think about exercise, weight loss, and will give you tools that you keep for yourself, forever, to use again and again.

In Studio Sessions for Shape Shift can be in a Semi Private Setting Or 1 on 1. Semi Private Sessions are Fixed to 9am and 9:45am Monday to Friday (based on enrolment) 1 on 1 Sessions can be scheduled outside of these times if needed.

Prices are based on your own package creation, and supports needed and require at least an 8 week commitment to complete Shape Shift 1.0 Program.


It's not always about going hard on your training programs, especially when you have preexisting physical limitations or need to focus on corrective exercise to avoid injuries. We will get your body moving properly, strengthen weaker areas and improve your range of motion so you can be functional in everyday life.

These Sessions have 2-3 Members and are extremely effective yet gentle using a variety of equipment to meet your strength training needs. Exercises are modified to your own level which you will build upon to get stronger and free better every day.

Sessions are offered at 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Semi Private but may also be booked any time as a 1 on 1 Session.


Please use the link above to book, or please text Sarah at 289 687 1058 if you need to ask about more times that may not be shown in the Scheduling page or for general inquiry.

Read Sheila's Story Here...

Before I joined Sarah's Shape Shift Program, I was Feeling discouraged but wanted to improve my diet and lose 10 lbs.

I learned about perseverance, the importance of eating a balanced diet and staying consistent with exercise.

I became more focused on weekends, adding exercise and watching what I was eating and portion control. These factors made a huge difference in my results.

Having knowledge about the food choices you make and how different exercises affect your body has made a huge difference in the way I see Exercise and Nutrition now.

I feel more positive now with the loss of extra body fat and inches. My body is Finally Shifting and I feel way better in my clothes. I even tried on a pair of pants the other day that haven't fit me in a while and they finally fit again. I am feeling Stronger now and my Endurance has improved drastically.

Thank you Sarah!

UPDATE: Sheila had continued with Shape Shift and Joined for another 8 Weeks for the 2.0 Series and lost another 12 lbs.

She is currently still training in my Studio and Accessing the Online Program Materials to help her stabilize her results and maintain what she has worked so hard for.

The program materials and lesson access has allowed her to access any lesson she wants based on where she is at to help guide her through each training phase.

As of February 9th/2022- her total weight loss has been 27 lbs. She is truly dedicated and committed to this program and follows the plans, as well as tracks her nutrition based on her weekly stats.

Read Beth's Story Here:

I didn’t have health and fitness goals before I started The Shape Shift Program. I was frustrated because I couldn’t always keep up with my kids. I didn’t have motivation to exercise on my own and didn’t know what exercises would help. When I started, my main goal was to feel better.

Learning the exercises helped me the most. I would never have known what exercises to put together for the best results. Sarah's positive guidance encouraged me to challenge myself realistically.

I started working at 10am instead of 9am so I could do my workout first, after my kids were at school.

I realize that if I want to feel good and enjoy my life, I can’t ignore exercise and nutrition even when life gets busy. Many aspects of my daily life have improved. I am able to focus better on my work and feel more comfortable sitting in a chair when working. It is getting easier to relax my muscles because I am more in tune with my body.

I kept up with 4 workouts every week, even when I couldn’t make it to the studio because my son was home from school. The amount of weight I am able to lift increased more than I was expecting. At the end of 8 weeks, I did the yoga routine that I have been doing for 24 years, and it felt noticeably easier.

Read Tina's Story Here:

My health and fitness goal was to increase my strength, mobility and to improve my overall health. Being a busy Mom with kids in multiple sports, working full time  and the list goes on… I put everyone else’s needs before me. Doing this program helped shift my mindset to set my time for me in our family schedule.

Commitment, never giving up, to keep going,  the use of different exercises, and healthy eating are the driving forces behind the results I am achieving.

The Coaching support is helpful because sometimes you just need that to help motivate you, if you have a treat accept it and go back to healthy eating, don’t be hard on yourself as this is a life time journey not a quick fix.

Meal prepping, healthy eating, limiting white foods like pasta and sugar .. looking at ingredients to focus on eating healthy with less additives and sugar, walking 10,000 or more steps per day, my workouts with Sarah twice a week and just keep moving daily are the weekly changes that have made a huge difference.

Exercise and nutrition are life long goals. It’s important to set healthy routines as it helps with ageing and mobility. Move it or lose it. For awhile I didn’t think to exercise, I lost that part of me. It used to be a passion for me to be in the gym twice a day. This program is helping me get the old me back.

I have noticed an improvement in my overall health. I have lost 10 lbs and 15 inches since starting this program. I commit myself to these two workouts per week and I keep moving the other days. I feel more toned and I’m fitting into shirts I haven’t worn in so long! My back pain is hardly there anymore I’m finally feeling stronger.

Client Age 47, Completed the Beach Mode 12 Week Challenge. She Trained for 24 weeks twice a week, plus she logged her food and reached her step goals whenever she could.

She was extremely dedicated, even through a couple of physical set backs. We worked around them and she still ended up losing 20 lbs in total from June to December.

Client age 28, has been attending Studio Training Sessions to improve her performance at work, and to try out for a new job. She has been working hard, has improved greatly on her upper body strength and has been working hard on her workout form to prevent injuries in the Studio and at work.

45 yrs, Busy Mom who works full time and Loving the On-Demand Exercise Library.

She can easily log into the site and workout when it's convenient for her. Her Coaching Calls kept her on track with a routine that was personalized for her and her busy schedule.

Thai Massage & Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy


In this unique healing system of Thai Yoga Massage, also called Nuad Boran, the practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility.


  • Aids deep relaxation. A Thai massage is incredibly relaxing. ...
  • Improved cardiovascular health. ...
  • Stress relief. ...
  • Improved quality of sleep. ...
  • Headache relief. ...
  • Reduced muscle tension. ...
  • Improved athletic performance.

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is a fully clothed therapy. Pregnancy drastically changes our bodies and women often feel vulnerable about the way they look and how their body changes shape. Keeping your clothes on can help you to relax into the experience, connecting you with your body at a time when it is undergoing massive transformation.

Thai massage is done on the floor on a futon rather than a massage table or couch. Being close to the floor allows you to feel grounded (connected to the earth), an essential component to feeling peaceful enough to deeply relax. Treatments are mostly given in a comfortable side-lying position with the support of bolsters and cushions for baby and mother to be. 

Take part in a Treatment that allows you to feel at ease during a very sensitive time. When you take time as a Mother-to-be, to reduce stress and relax, your baby will also feel calm and restful too. This is why a treatment like this is so important during this very precious time.


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